We programmers have a dirty secret that “being lazy is good”. What we mean is that everything else being equal, the less code we write, the better. Code is complex. A bunch of code is too complex. So, a good programmer, sits around and thinks about ways to do things in a shorter amount of time with less code.

I believe this concept applies to all business activity. Do the same functions in fewer operations and it’s better for the person, the process, the business and the customer.
At a high enough level (the ole proverbial 30,000 feet) we all do the same things. We communicate, work with others, make decisions, take action, collect information and throw out the trash. As we gain experience and apply innovative techniques, we do all these functions better and more efficiently.

Doings things better is not always obvious. What is better? We need to define our goals and stay focused on our key performance indicators to determine and measure what is better. Eliminate the noise.

So, be lazy in a good way! Spend time doing things better and better and better

Steve Cantor

Brewer of live culture, creator of technological evolution, music lover and coffee drinker! Native Memphian providing his city with access to optimal technological processes.