I first realized that time was the most precious commodity when a receptionist handed my friend his stack of phone messages. If all he did was return phone calls all day long, he still wouldn’t get them all returned. And there was another stack waiting for him the next day.

Anyone who’s productive can run out of time at any moment. That overwhelming feeling that there’s no way I can get all of this done. Not even close. We reach out for help only to realize that the best people to help us are the one’s that are too busy. Oh shit!

Most of us know how to prioritize but what really happens to low priority items on your Todo list? They keep coming up and you keep pushing them down. I say three strikes and you’re out. Maybe not forever but for a while. You get to come back to bat again but let everyone else have a chance first.

So, in the next redo of your todo list, be sure to start with a not todo list. Take those low priority items, that keep hanging on, off your list. If they need to come back, they will let you know and who knows at that time you may be ready to give them time they deserve. Until then, just say NO!

Steve Cantor

Brewer of live culture, creator of technological evolution, music lover and coffee drinker! Native Memphian providing his city with access to optimal technological processes.