How to develop and implement web applications

How to develop and implement web applications

We design and develop according to your business conditions and goals. We start off simple with the necessary data collection, maintenance and reports. We implement in phases. The sooner the better to get real feedback from the users. The system will evolve over time.

We work as a team. You guide the project, we do the heavy lifting

1. Describe the current process – broad but concrete

2. List the specific issues with the current process and prioritize

3. Define the specific goals / metrics for the new process

4. List the team members and their responsibilities – project leader, users, business rules, programmer, graphic designer, testers, infrastructure support,

5. Define the scope of the web application – broad but somewhat concrete

6. Define the functionality of the web application – Input – process – output, database, files, interface with other systems, reports

7. Define the phases – Phase one is the quickest to implement with a reasonable return. What is not phase one.

8. System Design

9. User Interface / Code / Programming

10. Review / Decisions – review the screens,processes, report,etc and list any shortcomings

11. Test

12. Debug – resolve issues found in testing

13. Final Test – Users test all functionality with all variations