Joseph Stores is a national leader in sales of designer handbags and shoes.


 They sell the very best collections, including Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Stuart Weitzman, and Jimmy Choo. Each season the company must make purchases for merchandise they will receive and sell six months later. In the Spring the company places orders for Fall merchandise. Reports from their database help guide their buying strategy. They also use reports to reward their most loyal customers. In a winning combination with Optimal Process, Joseph combines generations of family knowledge with SQL server queries to produce reports that direct their business decisions. Management summaries, detail reports, and Excel spreadsheets provide valuable information.

 Optimal Process uses SQL to store the data collected from the Point of Sale and E-Commerce. The sales data can be filtered in a multitude of ways. But some common filters include sales by date, store location, price point, designer, and sales rep. Our analytic software helps Joseph Stores make strategic business decisions.