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Optimal Process Team Share

Optimal Process Team Share empowers your team to manage, learn, and improve your operation process within an ever changing business environment. Your process is defined according to your business practices. These practices include a set of data sharing steps for your team, which are continuously improved according to your goals, objectives and metrics. This process helps your system evolve to better achieve your metrics. In it’s simplest form, Team Share takes your data from a spreadsheet to the Web and allows you to share it with your team and customers as needed team.share.allBENEFITS Secure Web Based (accessible on your desktop or any mobile device) Share data, notes, and documents Branded and customized to your company Better collaboration and organized communication makes better specification, which makes a better product or service Your staff, customers, vendors, and/or partners will be empowered with up to date information, which helps them know their responsibilities Having a well documented process ensures that improvements will be made for each iteration (generation) Part of your constantly improving service