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Contact Information:
1595 Main Street
Southaven, MS 38671-1309
(662)280-1576 Office
(662) 280-1607 Fax

About The Discovery Group Inc: This company has been performing pre-employment background checks for employers of all sizes since 1996. Their other services include tenant screening, attorney support services, and pre-settlement funding.

Problem: Before working with Optimal Process, The Discovery Group used fax and email to communicate requests and results with their customers, who include human resource departments and real estate management groups. This created a lot of paperwork for a lot of different people involved in each process of every project, which could also increase the stressful issue of data entry errors and miscommunication.

Solution: Optimal Process worked with The Discovery Group to develop a central database for the human resource department and real estate management groups to have for their applicants. The database has defined steps to make the process of using the system simple to use and clear, to ensure the forms are filled out accurately. The client begins using the application with secure web forms. Next, the researcher, based on their county and customer requirements is automatically assigned to an appropriate representative. The final report is created as a standard PDF file which is emailed to the client when the application and project are complete.

Infectious Disease Group

Contact Information:
Dr. Stephen C Threlkeld MD
Threlkeld Threlkeld & Omer PLLC
1068 Cresthaven Rd Ste 250
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-3490

About Infectious Disease Group: Medical practice group who help a number of patients who are being treated for a variety of medical conditions, in hospitals.

Problem: The practice needed to share a substantial amount of data about patients with the hospital, several other medical professionals, insurance, as well as record, review, and save the information about each patient throughout the day. The new patients were entered into a spreadsheet and shared using Google Docs which is not HIPAA Compliant. Updates were made to the entire spreadsheet which was time consuming and presented a continued issue with data entry complications.

Solution: Optimal Process worked with the Infectious Disease Group to develop a central database for all patient information. The data is searchable by patient name, doctor, and hospital. Each patient has a record of information on a row, which is on a grid. This allows each field to be updated on demand. The information is immediately available to other doctors within the group, as well as other medical and business professionals in the group, and the billing department. The site has rigid login requirements and has an SSL certificate, which means it is completely secure for data transfer, logins, and credit card transactions. The SQL server database is encrypted, for extra secrurity, and the database is HIPAA compliant.

Vining Sparks

Contact Information:
775 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120
Phone: (800) 829-0321 or (901) 766-3000
Fax: (901) 766-3290
E-Mail: info@viningsparks.com

About Vining Sparks: This is a strategic investment banking group that is nationally recognized as a leading broker and dealer in serving the needs of institutional investors. They specialize in estimating and analyzing market risks and expected cash flow under various interest rate assumptions, bond accounting, interest rate risk surveys, investment strategies, risk management, portfolio management, forecasting, safe keeping, loan trading, and serving as community bank advisory group.

Problem: The group sends out thousands of unique email newsletters to their bank clients every morning. Each client receives a different newsletter based on their type of banking (savings and loans, credit unions, etc) and customer type. They used Outlook which made the creating and sending process complicated and slow.

Solution: Optimal Process worked with Vining Sparks to develop a database that is used daily with their customers. Entry forms are created for each segment of content and numerical information and facts are compiled directly from various feeds, to save time and help eliminate data entry mistakes. The database allows them to differentiate their content and organize where it is going more easily. The emails are automatically sent and constantly monitored for privacy and accuracy.