“My passion loves a good challenge and I appreciate every opportunity.”- Steve Cantor

 Things have changed a little bit since Steve Cantor of OptimalProcess.com fed punch cards into mainframes. Steve has been writing custom software for over thirty years. Today Steve specializes in mobile / web applications, data analytics, process management and e-commerce.  Steve has successfully developed custom computer software for Brussels Bonsai , Threlkeld Infectious Disease Group and Belz Enterprises to name a few. Steve is also the founder of Otherfoods Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen for Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Benefizz, a probiotic beverage business and he is an active partner in his wife’s coffeeshop Otherlands which is an Oasis in Midtown Memphis. Steve’s business experience brings deep perspective to every new project. His strategies have been shaped by time and testing. Steve’s business expertise and technical acuity produces easy to use custom software to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Process Optimization


Steve Cantor


Our Team Leader and Optimal Process CEO