Headless Ecommerce means lots of different things including geeky stuff and controlling development costs, etc but I’d like to consider it in a simpler way that separates the order creation ( user interface ) and the order placed with the fulfillment center (actual order).

Dropship allows for any product to be sold through various channels (ie: amazon, etsy, aliexpress, newegg, etc) so going headless gives the fulfillment team a single order process while providing your various customers choices.

For multichannel products, we can order the product through a typical web interface or user portal that allows for re-orders, etc, or in B2B, a user may not need any kind of visual interface or review of the product because they know exactly what they want to order by SKU or in some cases the order is automatic based on inventory levels. However the order is built by the user, ultimately, the placed order makes it’s way to the fulfillment center and the order is confirmed, filled and shipped.

The many ways to order funnel into a single fulfillment process. That’s efficient and it allows the marketing to be independent and gives the users the choices they desire.

Are you ready to go headless? Let’s go!