Brussels Bonsai

Brussels is the largest Bonsai dealer in the USA. They sell bonsai plants via their web site, large chain retailer and Amazon.
A typical order comes from a large chain retailer’s web e-commerce site (Ex: and the order is automatically placed into the order processing system.
The order is filled, packed and boxed with a shipping label (Fexed or UPS). The tracking # is sent back to the retailer which is sent to the purchaser.
The box is placed directly on the shippers truck.

Belz Enterprise builds, leases and manages commercial property (industrial, office and retail). The tax evaluation and payment sysyems allows them to value their assets and track payment to the taxing authorities.

Data is king and Optimal Portal allos your group to store, move and mine your data by providing tools for data collection, maintenance and extraction.

Threlkeld Infectious Disease
Dr Steve Threlkeld leads the infectious disease group. The TeamShare system allows the health care providers to notate their activities with each patient for monitoring and billing.

Optimal Mortgage Services
Optimal Mortgage Services audits loan portfolios of groups who service active loans (banks, mortgage companies, etc). The loans are inspected and evaluated for many purposes.
Their MERS audit system (SMART) is a propreitary method for handling MERS audits and assists the institution with MERS compliance.

Southern Systems
Southern Systems designs, builds and installs conveyor systems. The SSI Estimating system allows them to compile all the necessary parts and labor to provide an estimate
as well as prepare the purchasing documents necessary for procurement.

Joseph is a high-end fashion retailer with both brick and morder and e-commerce sales. The loyalty program calcuates points (credits for future purchases) based on sales.

Group Texting
Professional Group Texting allows for business groups to be reminded about tasks for projects, asset maintenance, etc.