Nature’s advantage over humans is that time is simply a measurement. Nature has more patience than we can imagine. The changes that occur naturally are slow and steady but over time they end up with amazing results.

To find the perfect customer, we need to learn more about our customers and ourselves. The customer does a lot more than simply pay us money. The customer defines who we are and what we do. All aspects of our business are connected to the customer. Every customer should be happy that they use our products and services. They should be willing to give us referrals. They should give us feedback and ideas. The customer should be part of an industry or market which is large enough to give us the opportunity to grow. In the great words of some knucklehead, the customer may not always be right but the customer is always the customer.

As we look for the perfect customer, we need to examine ourselves and be sure that we are the perfect match for our customers.

Our Team (Leadership, Staff, Management, Vendors)

Our team must understand and empathyze with the customer. If not, find a new customer. Or hire a new team.

Our Brand (Vision / Mission / Communications / Marketing / Sales)

Our mission should include helping solve the customer’s problems. Does this customer have a problem that we can solve? If not then we need to find a new customer. Or create a new mission / brand.

Our Products (Services)

Does our product or service help this customer? Is it innovative? Is this customer willing to change from their status quo? Does this product help them solve their problems? Why would they use us? Are they ready now? If not then we need to find a new customer or you guessed it…. find a new product or service.

Our Infrastructure (Facility / Equipment / Technology / Capital)

Do we have the infrastructure to support this customer? If not, we need to find a new customer or take a wild guess… build a different infrastructure.

As entrepreneurs, we must remain flexible and our changes should move us in a direction towards finding our perfect customer. As we examine each of these areas of concentration (Team, Brand, Products and Infrastructure), we should apply measurements (KPI’s) so that we know how well we are improving each area and becoming closer to finding the perfect customer. I believe in the power of making improvements everyday. As we make these changes, instead of making radical changes that we don’t understand, we should “connect the dots” to what we know from experience and are focused on learning. Slow and steady just like our friend, the solar system. Small but calculated changes to help us find our perfect customer.

Let’s improve ourselves according to what is best for our customer… Our perfect customer!