Improve your Business Process

We use technology but our focus is to improve your business work flow in any way practical

We believe in making progress Every Day !

Practical – Cost Effective – Efficient

E-Commerce – Big Commerce, Shopify, Square, Word Press, Commerce Hub, True Commerce, Bootstrap

Collect Data, Mine Data, Move Data

Data Conversion, Migration, System Integration ; Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) ; Import / Export

Database Management / Admin – SQL

Order Processing and Fulfillment – Batch Production, Manufacturing, Food Production, Assemble To Order

Batch Food Production Software

Products * Inventory
Ingredients * Recipes
Customers * Orders
Batch / Lot Traceability for Safety Recalls
Logs – Complaint, Waste, Temperature
Reports / Export
Order/Production Status
Cost of Goods Sold
Export Any Data

Manage your appointments, events and meetings by sending reminders via TEXT. Schedule texts to groups or individuals.

System Integration

Automate Data Synchronization
Example: E-Commerce <–> Order Processing and Fulfillment

Web Sites / E-Commerce / Scheduling / Text Reminders

Our Contact Tracing – Contact Tracing application for your restaurant or retail business

Happy Customers

Schedule Text Reminders – Defined Group or OPT IN

Facility Maintenance

Our Web Portal – provides your management team with the tools to connect with your resources,
improve your work flow and manage your assets…

Our E-Commerce Solutions – Small or Large…

Our Custom Software – We listen to your needs, design a solution and
then we build it….

Software Tools and Database Services to help your business reach the Optimal Process

We believe in making progress Every Day !

Practical – Cost Effective – Efficient