Task Management and Texting Software reach your goals

A testimonial to improving workflow with web forms and grids.

The four MD’s and host of nurse practitioners at the Threlkeld Infectious Disease group have an average of 180 patients in 3+ hospitals each week. Some weekends they also pick up additional patients for another doctor who has a solo practice.

In a partnership with Optimal Process, Teamshare Healthcare software was created to meet the challenge of a long, varying list of patients who need to be seen, including who is seeing which patient today, what charges should be recorded, what diagnoses are involved and how to handle follow up care post-discharge. The practice can also easily add new patient referrals on the fly . The web based mobile application is operated on a ipad (tablet or laptop). The app lets the healthcare provider sort/ filter , search, and easily enter patient data. Common tasks include search for a patient by name, sort by hospital or floor, and filter by referral. This group of healthcare providers is able to share their progress with each other and clearly define the tasks at hand. Additionally , the billing office is able to see what is going on in real time.