Any Grid

System Integration (connecting 2 or more systems)

We need systems to be synchronized so that they both reflect current accurate data. When a system has different information from another it’s difficult to know which is correct and that puts us in a state of confusion and ultimately disfunction.

We need a single common database (data warehouse) which contains information for all systems in as easy to understand elements as practical. We can build import/export procedures which update systems as needed. The more automated these procedures, the better.

Focusing more on what works and how to make it even better. This is the core of your business. Let the rest go to outsource or maybe just forget about it.

Multichannel Sales and Order Processing

With Multichannel sales (brick and mortar Web Site, Amazon, Events, etc), pick the one order process that you do best and funnel everything else into that. Keep all orders and corresponding data in that system/database. Move data from all channels into that database. This will allow you to improve your order process and continue to grow all your sales channels.

Customer Engagement

The more engage your customers, the better. If possible, let them enter their own order. They will understand it better and appreciate it. Less work for you and the order and associated data will be more accurate.

Monitor reports within your central database. If needed, extract that data to a better reporting system or perhaps a spreadsheet. We can’t know where we are going if we don’t know where we are.

Connect the dots